High Ridge Partners has successfully advised businesses during pre-filing planning. Our professionals have the experience and expertise to deal with and resolve the competing interests of the various stakeholders in a chapter 11 case. They have assisted management in negotiating business solutions while under the protection of a chapter 11 case. They have helped formulate and obtain successful confirmation of plans of reorganization. 

We help normalize operations and administer the plan of reorganization after the business successfully emerges from a chapter 11 case. Additionally, we often act in a fiduciary capacity as a liquidating trustee preserving value, disposing of assets and administering proofs of claims under a chapter 11 liquidating plan, under a chapter 7 case or when a chapter 11 case is converted to a case under chapter 7.  These services are very similar to those we provide when we act as an assignee-trustee for the benefit of creditors.

Our Bankruptcy Support Services are tailored for each unique set of circumstances. Examples of the types of services High Ridge Partners provides in bankruptcy settings include

  • Consulting with directors and shareholders of advisability of seeking relief under the Bankruptcy Code
  • Planning and preparing for a bankruptcy case
  • Acting as the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) or as temporary Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for debtors in possession under the Bankruptcy Code
  • Compiling the court-required information and preparing Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs
  • Negotiating cash collateral agreements and debtor-in-possession financing
  • Assisting on critical communications with employees (for example, issuing WARN notices), unions, customers, suppliers, secured lenders, unsecured creditors’ committees and other stakeholders
  • Establishing systems to segregate pre-petition and post-petition transactions and financial records
  • Preparing achievable financial budgets requiring bankruptcy court approval
  • Developing and implementing strategies to generate cash and improve cash flow
  • Analyzing pre-petition payments and transfers to identify payments and transfers that are recoverable in bankruptcy
  • Developing Disclosure Statements used for a Plan of Reorganization voting
  • Preparing projections and feasibility studies for a Plan of Reorganization
  • Negotiating the terms of a Plan of Reorganization
  • Implementing and administering proper financial reporting systems upon emergence from bankruptcy
  • Acting as sales agent for the sale of part or all of a debtor’s assets under section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code
  • Functioning as Disbursement Agent and Liquidating Trustee to perform the liquidation of the estate’s assets and distribution of proceeds to creditors